• Rosa - Ionic Facial Steamer
  • Rosa - Ionic Facial Steamer
  • Rosa - Ionic Facial Steamer

Rosa - Ionic Facial Steamer

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The Perfect Detox Session


Simplify your skincare routine with the Rosa Steam Spray. Say goodbye to chemical products ! My Skin my Beauty has designed this steamer meticulously for your well-being and the one of your skin. 

Let yourself be tempted by this natural and miraculous routine that will make you a more fulfilled person than ever. 


 Benefits : 

🌿 Enhance Skin Health & Protection

🌿 Clarifies skin's complexion

🌿 Releases impurities

🌿 Clear pores

🌿 Moisturizes skin

🌿 Hydrate skin

Improve various skin problems with regular use :

🌱 Acne 
🌱 Dry skin
🌱 Fine lines
🌱 Allergy


Special Properties : 


Sweet Orange:

This precious care will give a boost to the radiance of the tissue. Perfect in care of tired skins, this essential oil, which is above all invigorating will give you a better mine. Also beneficial in the care of mature skin, it reduces the harmful effects of environmental attacks and those of conventional cosmetics.

🌿 Fights against acne and inflammation
🌿 Soothe the signs of fatigue
🌿 Boost the brightness of your complexion.
🌿 Makes the skin more tenacious
🌿 Maintains hydration 
🌿 Fight against the loss of elasticity


Lavender : 

Your skin says thank you to lavender! We all know the smell of lavender, but did you know that it is also a great beauty ally? Thanks to its regenerative properties, lavender essential oil will leave you with a clean and fresh complexion.

Fights against the aging of your skin

🌿 Reduces wrinkles

🌿 Soften the skin


Pepermint :

 The combination of well-being and beauty. It has properties that stimulate and invigorate body and mind. It as a lot of cosmetic qualities but it also helps in the repair process of acne-prone skin.

Fights nausea, motion sickness and headaches

🌿 Anti-infectious properties

🌿 Invigorating properties


Tea Tree :

It’s the most renowned natural beauty alternative for the care of imperfections skin. Tea Tree is a tree native to Australia whose leaves contain extraordinary properties for your skin. You will have a perfect skin and for a long time!

🌿 Antibacterial

🌿 Anti-inflammatory

🌿 Reduces the number of pimples and their size

🌿 Prevents the appearance of new imperfections. 



Product Name Rosa 
Operating System Ionic
Type  Facial Steamer
Voltage Level AC 110-220V
Power 300W
Frequency 50Hz
Capacity 70ml

Rosa - Ionic Facial Steamer